Why being blindly optimistic is self lying but the true way to success? Explain in 4 steps and 1 circle

Why?Why??Why??? Here’s Why

Let’s think backward!

The only way to success is by taking action.

Taking action improve our chance to success.

Steps 4 of 4

Action -> Better chance to success

Next, we know we are lazy and emotional creature, we do unnecessary things only if we are motivated. Thus, motivation causes us to take action.

Step 3 of 4

Motivation -> Action

We are motivated if there is hope! In other words, there is chance to succeed!

Step 2 of 4

Hope -> Motivation

Here comes the Secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We know that action improves our chance to success, without action, we have no chance thus no hope!

Then, where does the first hope come from?

The answer is : optimism!!!!

Optimism creates the illusion of being able to success which brings us into the 4 steps success cycle.

Step 1 of 4

Optimism -> Hope

Conclusion: Never lose hope and always take action!




Think and Modify. 思考與優化。

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Simon Chiu

Simon Chiu

Think and Modify. 思考與優化。

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